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Our production is obtained for 80% from the cultivar Dritta, the remaining 20% comes from olives such as Castiglionese, Frantoio and Carboncella, present in neighboring areas belonging to the PDO area.

This composition offers us an oil every year always different from the previous year, not so much for the climatic fluctuations, but rather for the raw material since the Dritta, whose name refers to the meaning of “reliable”is a fruit that has the peculiarity of constantly producing every year, unlike other varieties that instead live a period of loading and unloading. Climatic fluctuations also contribute to our product. Every year, therefore, nature gives us an oil slightly different from the previous season, but whose sensory profile will always be traceable to the following description: Medium/ intense fruity, bitter and spicy medium intense, with a prevalent scent of fresh almond and light sensations of grass/ leaf and artichoke.